Scientific & popular press focusing on my work:

May 2015:
My lab was featured in the UTA Inquiry Magazine for our work on snake genomics.

Work on the gene expression changes underlying intestinal physiology following feeding in Burmese pythons, led by Audra Andrew, was an editor’s pick and received favorable press. See the details here.

March/April 2015:
Stories appeared in the UTA College of Science MavWire and the Shorthorn student newspaper highlighting my work on the genetics of island dwarfism in Boa constrictor following the announcement of my NSF DDIG award.

January 2015:
Work I contributed to on the evolutionary origins of snake venom (led by Jacobo Reyes-Velasco) was featured multiple times in popular press. See a list of the news articles here.

December 2013:
Our Burmese python genome paper garnered a lot of national and international attention. Multiple news outlets picked up the story and we are very excited about the response everyone has to our work! Science has run a large spread highlighting our work (and the work done on the Cobra genome). Snake Spread in Science  Additionally, UTA has put together a nice video interview that summarizes the findings. See a list of the news articles here.