2018-09-11 Board Meeting


Joe Andreoli, Miao, Justin, Hao, Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Gaurav Vaidya, Geraldine Klarenberg, Lisa (remote)


  • Board elections
  • Logistics for upcoming workshops (October 4 and October 23)
  • Finances
  • Update on R-Ladies


Board Elections

  • all 10 candidates who self-nominated are eligible
  • update website to include elections (Matt and Hao)
  • Matt would like to document process of running elections, set up web service and craft email (Matt and Simona)

October 4 1-day workshop

  • Matt is running it
  • have confirmation
  • registration link has gone out to iDigBio, next week will go out to wait list

October 23-24 geospatial workshop

  • Justin, Geraldine, Simona, Sergio, Kristina are doing the onboarding for the lesson
  • Justin plans to organize a session to confer with instructors about familiarity with the material
  • will get registration link from Fiona
  • how do we implement priority registration?
    • can contact funders in advance, do you want to reserve seats for your department?
    • ask for contacts from department to email registration link in advance


  • Alethea and Matt are converging on budget
  • currently have about $2000, each workshop nets about $500, so we’ll be at $3000
  • would like to give out $1000 to $1500 this semester
  • should we do more awards, larger awards (than $500)
  • travel awards can be used for things not conventionally supported by our work sources
  • easier to have fixed amounts than have to make decisions that tradeoff amounts vs. eligibility in applicants
  • is $500 too limiting as a cap (people might not apply if they don’t have funding to cover the remaining)
  • advertise for travel awards when recruiting instructors
  • committee to decide travel awards will be designated after elections
  • changes to travel award amounts will need to involve changes to the club charter

Update on R-Ladies

  • Auriel is giving the WEC seminar on Monday
    • she will be talking about using the rtweet package on Tuesday
    • still fixing exact date and time
  • coordinating with Justin and R meetup for types of events

Other items

  • first R meetup is after board meeting at 4pm - Justin will coordinate with Tyler
  • Justin might do a condensed bootcamp using Carpentry R materials
  • DSI board meetings are occurring in the UFII classroom at the same time
  • Kristina is coordinating logo design
  • intros for everyone
  • Hacktoberfest - Hao will coordinate with groups for advertisement and an in-person event
  • issues with advertising to the grad student listserv (timing and summer break week)